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Magazine for Conscious People


We, the writers of the TUMAG*, agree that consciousness means gaining experience about everything not letting ourselves be manipulated by the media, that is, we refuse to be yes-men. This knowledge makes us be able to act and behave responsibly regarding our lives and the life of every creature on the Earth including flora and fauna. (Photo: You can see some members of our team in the photos.)


Being conscious also means knowing that everything we do or say has consequences, that is, it has an effect on others, which may influence the well-being of the humankind and our Mother Earth. We strongly believe that we are responsible not only for ourselves but also for others, our planet and its creatures. That is why our magazine supports animal, plant and environment protection, as well as the conservation of our cultural heritage so as to be able to pass it onto the future generation. Besides, we also devote ourselves to charity events.



We must make a commitment that we would like to learn and develop. We should make our activities be conscious so as to be able to manage our own lives not letting ourselves be drifted by the events. We believe that all of us were born to be happy while helping every single being on the Earth.



MAIN HEADINGS (meaning of the Hungarian titles) and some of our subheadings:


Nest (Fészek) - Subheadings: Family; Love; Taboos; Manipulator

Health (Egészség) - Subheadings: Healthy Soul in Healthy Body; Sports for Beginners, Prevention Strategies; Beauty

Soul (Lélekmag) - Subheadings: Spirituality; Happiness and Success Tips

Animals (Állatlak) – Subheadings: Animal Rescue, Animal Protection; Nature

Music (Zenede) - Subheadings:

Cult (Kultusz) - Subheadings: Reading Corner; Short Story Series; Behind the Stage; Museums, Exhibitions and Programs; Empress Elisabeth - Sisi

World (Világi) - Subheadings: Civilization and History; Aristocracy; Creative Recipes

Adventurer (Kalandorok) - Subheadings: Hungary and its Surroundings; Abroad; Palaces and Castles; Special Offers

EnglishSubheadings: Best of TUMAG – (Most popular articles – the ones which can be interesting to foreigners); Empress Elisabeth – Sisi; Music; Special Offers of TUMAG


Please, visit the ENGLISH HEADING of TUMAG

* TUMAG is the short form of the Hungarian title of the Magazine: A TUdatos MAGazin, which means (literally) “The Conscious Magazine”, implying that The Magazine is for Conscious People.